50 pounds Little Giant Power Hammer circa 1905

I built my shop one tool at a time, by either restoring a quality old piece of American

equipment or by fabricating one from scratch. Here are some of the machines in the shop.

30 ton Hydraulic Press, built by me & my friend Mike Butcher

Welding Station

64kg (140 ponds) Vaugham Brooks Anvil, England

​NC Tools Knifemaker-2 burner Whisper Forge

ENCO Knee Mill

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Bader 2x72 Belt Grinder

1943 South Bend 9" swing 5 ft bed. Was a basket case when i got it, now back to the same condition when it was proudly serving US Navy during WW2.

Dayton & Craftsman drill presses

Surface Grinder

BlackHawke & Atlas drill presses

Powermatic Metal Bandsaw